Most w trakcie konstrukcji

Road construction

  • A4 Highway construction, National border - Wykroty section, concrete pavement surface
  • A8 bypass construction, frameworks materials delivery
  • S8 expressway construction Walichnowy – Wrocław , section 5 and 6/7 
  • Modernization of the D1 highway: section 15, Junction 112 Jihlava - Junction 119 Velky Beranov, concrete pavement surface
  • Modernization of the D1 Highway: section 4, Junction 34 Ostredek - Junction 41 Sternov, concrete pavement surface
  • Expansion of the A7 highway: 65km long section, Bordesholm bypass in Shleswig-Holstein - Hamburg Northwest bypass, financing project in a PPP model, concrete pavement surface
Dźwig, plac budowy, techniczny rysunek

Industrial construction

  • Train station construction, Dworcowa 115 st. in Inowroclaw
  • Railway truck construction on the Leszno - Rawicz section, in Choszczono town and Pabianice
  • HCP Medical center general renovation located at 28 Czerwca 1956 street, number 194 in Poznan City. 
  • Renovation and construction works in the Samsung Factory based at Mickiweicza 52 st. in Wronki. 
Rysunki konstrukcji i kask

Housing construction

  • Construction of a Poznan complex of residential buildings in Strzeszyn, Fieldorfa st.
  • Construction of a housing estate with services and office infrastructure in the city of Wroclaw based by the John Paul the 2nd square, lofts by the road. 
  • Construction of a housing estate, Milczanska 1 st. in Poznan
  • Construction of a housing estate, Wołkowyjska 20 st. in Poznań
  • Renovation of a historic tenement house, Śniadeckich st.  6a in Poznań
  • Construction of a terraced houses complex, Celulozy st. in Warsaw
  • Construction of a housing estate Batalionu Parasol st. in Kalisz
Od planów po realizację

Office and service construction

  • Construction of an office and service center ‘Business Garden’ at Pastelowa 2 st. in Poznan
  • Construction of a Conference and Business center ‘Calisia’ at Chopin 9 st. in Kalisz
  • Construction of a service premissess complex at Mickiewicza 17 in Poznan
  • Construction of Hampton by Hilton Hotel at Chopina 9 st. in Kalisz
  • Construction of Apart Hotel at Szczecinska st. in Niechorze