Construction Place

East West Construction

East West Construction team means over 20 years of experience in the construction industry

We provide modern solutions in the road, energy and housing industry, just to name a few. 
We aim to always be where needed by our partners. As EW Constructions we are successfully carrying out projects in Poland, Germany, Chech Republic, and other countries of the EU including the Middle East. The key to carrying out our projects is always first - to understand the needs and expectations of partners, and then to perform the works at the highest level.

Most w trakcie konstrukcji

Construction works

From concept to implementation, flawlessly and efficiently

Koparka stojąca przy budowanej drodze

Construction equipment services

We have highly specialised construction equipment

Rysunki konstrukcji i kask

Construction process management

Legal, financial, technical and laboratory services

Why us?

20 years of experience in the construction industry. From concept to implementation. We have construction equipment.

Dźwig, plac budowy, techniczny rysunek

Many years of experience

Rysunki placu budowy i analiza przy komputerze

Individual approach

Spycharka gąsienicowa przy budowie drogi

Our own equipment

Zespół inżynierów na budowie podczas narady

Qualified team

Abstract Background

East West Construction

Years of experience
Large realisations
Kilometers of roads